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Search Engine Submission


The technology behind the program!
Since inception our Top 10 Program has produced outstanding results with techniques such as, dedicated meta content, keyword clustering, active linking as well as Metalink and Spiderlink page technology. Notwithstanding these results, Teleteria is committed to improving an already proven and excellent program. Research and development has become an important part of our daily activity to ensure the latest trends and techniques are applied to our products. As always, the process of developing new programs involves communication with major search engines to ensure compatibility with their existing demands and requirements.

Index Express
Included in our guaranteed top 10 position package. Combined with page optimization, Index Express is the most powerful tool available today! We'll turn your web site into a top contender within days instead of weeks!

Index Express includes top engines like HotBot, MSN (used by 56.5% of surfers) and Looksmart

Optimized pages
Our primary focus is on the existing pages of your web site. Up to 16 (sixteen) pages are optimized for search engine indexing and top 10 position ranking. This includes in depth site analysis, related keyword popularity research, competitive research and client input. Based on this information, each page is optimized with dedicated title tags, meta description tags, meta keywords and embedded comment definition. Your main index plus 5 optimized pages are promoted to our full database on completion and placed in our "smart indexing" program. Additionally, your index page is promoted via our "Index Express" service for 7 day indexing.

You don't have 16 pages to optimize? No problem... Most web sites don't. This is where our Metalink and Spiderlink pages play an important role....

Metalink pages
Unlike doorway pages, Metalink pages do not use meta refresh tags nor Java scripts to connect to your main entry page. This method of redirection is frowned upon by major engines. Yet a Metalink page produces the same powerful and legendary results a doorway page would produce. The purpose of a Metalink page is to support the main optimized pages of your web site. This is especially true if your web site does not have enough pages or relies on dynamically generated content. For example a gift store or any merchandise site which relies on a shopping cart for content or a service site with large database content.

Metalink pages are prepared with solid title, description, keywords and body content representing the product or services you provide, they also include a frame call which points directly to your entry page... Totally invisible to your viewer and perfectly acceptable by all major search engines.

Spiderlink pages
Spiderlink pages are small static html pages with active main index page linking but no redirection element. Active linking is the connection between your index page (main entry point for all major search engines) and both your Spiderlink and Metalink pages. Spiderlink pages are well designed single web pages focusing both on the meta and body requirements of major search engines and the viewing pleasures of your visitors. These pages are prepared to surface strong selling points from your web site and reach top ranking position. Once your viewer accesses your Spiderlink page, the rest of your web site is instantly available.

Note: None of the above steps will alter the display of your web site in any way. Our improvements are completely invisible to your viewers.

A little bit of mathematics
Search engines primarily look for "strong" keywords to rank your web site. Strong keywords are usually embedded within your title tags (this is the first place a search engine robot will look for ranking keywords). The problem is; title tags are only allowed approx. 90 characters of content, or about 14 words per page.

On average, our program is designed to create 3 sets of 3 keywords per Optimized/Metalink/Spiderlink pages. Each set of keywords combination is interchangeable when it comes to search engine "search" results, this potentially translates into 243 search combinations per Optimized/Metalink/Spiderlink page. Since we produce a total of 16 different Optimized/Metalink/Spiderlink pages we are essentially creating 3888 "strong" keyword combinations for your web site .

Additionally, "strong" keywords are supported by up to 150 description and meta keywords per Optimized/Metalink/Spiderlink page. Does this produce results?... You bet it does!

Promoting your web site
The submission process of a web page is threefold...
On initial submission, your site is placed in a holding tank. Second, the engine's robot crawls and indexes the submitted optimized page(s) and in some cases will do a low level spidering (spidering is the act of following hyperlinks from your main index to secondary pages by a robot and indexing according to meta content). Third, search engines perform a deep level spidering of all pages hyperlinked to your main index page.

Our initial promotion will list your main index page and subsequent optimized web pages to our complete search engine database. These six pages are then enrolled in our "smart indexing" program. Smart indexing will not only promote your web pages consistently but also safely, by ensuring no engine rules or regulations are broken in the submission process!

Some search engines are scoring web pages higher if they are spidered as opposed to being submitted. With this in mind, some of your optimized pages as well as Metalink and Spiderlink pages are placed on your server without submission! When spidering actually takes place (we use invisible linking from your index page to both Metalink and Spiderlink pages to help robots find their way), higher ranking is achieved simply because they were not submitted manually or electronically.
This method of submission serves another important role in our assignment... Spam free promotion! By giving spiders a choice, you are guaranteed never to spam a search engine. Friendly and conscientious promotion results in long term indexing and ranking. In the mean time your optimized web pages are indexed and start producing some serious traffic.

The above, combined with our "Index Express" is simply untouchable in terms of results and return on investment!

The people behind the technology - Preparing your web site!
As much as we rely on our software for web site preparation and rendering (huge time saver which allows us to our keep prices low), the true force behind our top submission rankings is our devoted group of technicians! To this day no automated software can guarantee you placement... Only people can.

Remember, each web site is assigned to an individual tech at the time of ordering who will then carefully analyze, research and finally create the perfect pages and meta content for your web site! In total 16 pages are professionally produced and fine tuned to the requirements of major search engines.


Optimizing Package step by step!

Optimizing your main index page
Meta preparation includes, Title tags, Meta Description, Meta keywords and necessary HTML code. Meta tags are imperative to most search engines. We generate and install up to 150 Meta keywords (1000 characters) and sentences. Your index page is also hyperlinked to each Spiderlink pages and Metalink pages. This is completely invisible to your viewers but imperative to spidering search engines (most major search engines spider to index)

Optimizing internal pages
This includes generating Title tags, Meta Description, Meta keywords and necessary HTML code. Again, we generate and install up to 150 Meta keywords (1000 characters) and sentences per page. Of course this is done manually after reviewing and understanding your site's content and objectives

Generate supporting Spiderlink Pages
High ranking Spiderlink pages are created to compensate for missing internal pages... Each professionally designed and reflecting strong selling points to your viewers. Spiderlink pages are not promoted but rather spidered by major engines for higher ranking.

Generate supporting Metalink Pages
high ranking Metalink Pages are created... Each with individual Title tags, Meta description and Meta keywords... Metalink pages point directly to your main domain and are completely invisible to your viewer!

Optimized pages, Spiderlink pages and Metalink pages report
On completion of your assignment, we email you a full report of the changes made to your HTML content as well as working samples of your new Spiderlink Pages and Metalink Pages. We also email you a copy of each new page so you can see the work involved.

Please Note: Installation of all new pages to your server is included in our pricing.

Submitting to the search engines

Our submission software initially submits your optimized index and 5 supporting web pages to a guaranteed minimum 1000 search engines, directories and indexes (We manually submit your web site to major search engines including Dmoz, Google and Alta Vista). Our database includes all major engines and is updated weekly to insure the latest and most popular sites. ·engine list

You will receive a detailed report for each page submitted, outlining successful and failed submissions

Index Express
Your main index page is submitted to the Inktomi database (one year paid inclusion program). Your web site is spidered within 7 days for search engines like: HotBot, MSN, iWon and Looksmart.

Note: The above time frame is over and above your web site preparation process. Our turn around preparation time is normally between 8 to 14 days depending on our work load.

Smart Indexing
Our next step is to insure solid indexing in all major search engines and directories. With this goal in mind, your web site is submitted every two weeks to a approximately 200 (updated weekly) top search engines for a period of 1 year!

Why "Smart" indexing?
Because our software automatically keeps track of where your web site was submitted and how the individual search engine rules and regulations apply. Your web site will not be resubmitted to a particular search engine unless the allotted time between submissions has been achieved. This intelligent and conscientious approach to search engine submissions guarantees your web site will not spam their system but instead will always fall within their indexing requirements.

Keyword Position Report
Approximately 30 - 45 days after we submit your pages to our search engine database, we email you a detailed keyword position report with either Alta Vista, AOL, DirectHit (Teoma), Google, Excite, Northern Lights, Lycos, MSN, Fast, HotBot, Webcrawler, WiseNut and or Yahoo! (Yahoo search only, powered by Google!). You will be in the top 10 positions in at least three of the above... Guaranteed! Your results will be with single or multiple keywords related to your web site content, service(s) or product(s)! This is the minimum you should expect from us! Statistically our end results can be as high as 70% of the above! Please note: Indexing time other than our Index Express list of search engines may take anywhere from 3 weeks to over 18 weeks.

Bimonthly Smart Index Reporting

You receive detailed report for each submission run accomplished for your web pages during your 1 year membership. This includes successful, failed and skipped (rule breaking) submissions.

Smart Toolkit
Your 12 month membership gives you lifetime password protected access to our unique set of web tools. These include: Our unique Meta Tag generator designed to give spidering search engines exactly what they need... Very useful if you wish to optimize additional pages in your web site. Ranking software to let you see how your web site is doing in the search engines. Link popularity software and of course, easy step by step instructions (even an adult can do it).

Note: New tools are added on a regular basis so check back often.


Before, during and after our assignment, we are here to help you with answers and suggestions to your many questions. The Internet is vast, fast and ever changing but it does not have to be cold.... Our support team makes the difference!


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